Study Days

Study Days

As part of your membership, we provide innovative training sessions across the whole of the UK, informing our members of the latest requirements and trends in general practice.

Our Study Day events cover a wide variety of topics for members of the practice and dispensary to attend.

We look to ensure that everyone working in the practice can benefit from one of the training sessions. And better yet, this is completely free and covered in your membership!

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If you are unable to make the sessions that are scheduled as part of the study dates, we have a library of training sessions for members to access on our YouTube channel live + online.

As well as the PSUK study days, we deliver an annual conference and exhibition, which features relevant keynote speakers in the world of primary care, the opportunity to brush up on key areas in general practice with tailored workshops, meet with leading suppliers and manufacturers in our networking exhibition and earn some CPD hours for your portfolio.