Parallel Imports

Parallel Imports

For every product that has a UK discount lower than your level of NHS clawback, you should use the PI to avoid losing some margin.

Over on the PSUK Portal, you can activate the PSUK Complete PI MyDeal which, once activated, means that any product that is ordered as a UK original that has a PI equivalent at a higher discount will be sent to you by PHOENIX.

If the PI is unavailable then the UK original will be supplied.

The Complete PI product list (downloadable below) contains a full list of the products on the Complete PI deal and includes all Pricing and Profitability information of the 550+ products currently on the Complete PI MyDeal.

We will review our PI offering on a regular basis, and highlight some of the PI's with the biggest potential cost saving in PS Magazine each month.

If you require more information, please contact your Dispensing Doctor Account Manager or Dispensing Sales Advisor.

PSUK Complete PI Product List