Dedicated Sales Team Support

Dedicated Sales Team Support

There are many valuable advantages of having a PSUK membership, including profit enhancing propositions, efficient digital solutions and an award winning free training programme, but one of the most beneficial propositions you have access to is your very own team of dispensing doctor experts who can guide you through the PSUK propositions, advise on loss making purchases and profitable prescribing options. Just think of them as consultants to your practice.

Every PSUK member has access to their own account manager who are committed to you and as they only look after dispensing doctors, the team specialise in what you do. They understand the challenges that you face, and can therefore seek out opportunities to support you in ensuring your practice stays successful.

With expert knowledge of the marketplace and an understanding of the PSUK proposition inside and out, they can guide you through the different elements of your membership and support your dispensary by identifying profit opportunities, save your team time and ensuring your practice makes the most of what is available to you, allowing the dispensary staff to concentrate on what is important to your practice.

Account reviews

Your account manager will hold regular account reviews with you, which includes a full MDS review of what the practice is signed up to, talk through changes in the market and our top tips, but also a review on branded purchases at product level. This branded analysis will identify any loss making lines, with recommendations made on how to minimise this impact via alternative products that carry greater discount.

PSUK Profit Boosts

With all the changes in the branded market at the moment, another element that you will be aware of, but must take advantage of is profit Boost tables. We can provide analysis on the different products available to you in a specific therapy area, highlighting the most profitable or lowest cost at the blink of an eye.

Your Account Manager can also provide insight on what new and exclusive deals are available on APM+, which MDS deals you are signed up to or should be signed up to, along with advice on PIs, as well as highlight products where there are no rebates available and give you options on what alternatives you can order instead. All in all it gives you everything you need to make the best buying choices for your practice.

Dedicated to you

Alongside your account reviews, the PSUK Sales Team are on hand to support you with any other query you may have and will keep you up to date on MDS changes, manufacturer distribution changes and agreements and give you regular advice on what is happening in the market.

Our dedicated PSUK Sales Team really set us apart from the competition, proving that we are more than just a wholesaler. Our goal is to ensure that we add tangible value to your dispensary and provide you with some suggestions that will make a difference to your practice. We have done the analysis and hard work for you – so you don’t have to!

PSUK Sales Team

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