Labcold refrigerator SD card (SDCARDV10)

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Product information

Labcold refrigerator SD card.

  • Designed for data transference from an IntelliCold® controller to a PC
  • For downloading, printing or display by way of Labcold web based graphical interface.
  • The only SD card coded to work with Labcold refrigerators
  • Recommended that only one SD card to be used per fridge
  • Recommended you replace your SD card annually to prevent data being over written

Supplier information

Supplier of medical and scientific refrigeration.
Take a look at full product specification here.
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Delivery: 3-5 working days for stocked items.
Min order: No minimum order.
Carriage:Carriage may vary based on location
Payment: Invoiced by Numark - you must be signed up to Numark Discount Partners.

When purchasing a WEEE disposal service, please download, print and complete the deconamination certficate and stick on to the outside of the unit to be disposed of.

Please note:
Labcold products are not available to members in Northern Ireland.
Check your order thoroughly. Refrigerators ordered in error will incur an Return to Supplier charge.